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    CJ unleashes additional flooding. Funny thing is I thought this was turned off years ago. "increase communications" (my a**) More cowtowing to the parsite BHO scumware developers is more like it. Thanks so much CJ.

    Your CJ Account Manager Mail Settings Have Been Reset

    To increase communications between advertisers and publishers, as well as provide clients with tips, trends and information on our new services we have updated your CJ Account Managerô mail settings.

    Effective November 10, 2005 your Commission Junction account email delivery settings have been reset and you will begin receiving newsletters, unique advertiser promotions and discounts and important advertiser program updates, from both Commission Junction and your advertisers.

    If you would prefer not to get these emails you will need to change your email delivery options. From the CJ Account Manager, click on the "Mail Settings" tab and check the appropriate box next to the emails you do not want to receive.

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    Here's the main thread about that, with a good description from Todd about why it is being done.

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    I think it was done because it's the Holiday Season.

    They could have easily sent us all 1 EMAIL to say Hi but be sure to activate your news letters with certain merchants or maybe even made an annoucement about it in the interface asking us to activate.

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