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    Consolidated payments..?
    Fairly new to Linkshare. Haven't used them yet because of their payment feature. Do they have consolidated payments now like CJ?

    I like getting 1 consolidated payment each month, even if I only made .50 cents from one merchant and $100 from another.

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    Yes, we launched consolidated payments earlier this year. Here's some information on our payment process....

    Consolidated Payment Process & Schedule
    We issue 2 payments per month. Consolidated payments are initiated on, or close to, the 8th and 22nd of each month. Once we authorize and initiate a payment batch, it generally takes 3-5 business days for the checks to be mailed.

    When we initiate a batch payment, we include all merchant payments received and cleared as of the day the payment file is authorized. This includes merchant payments received via wire transfer as of the prior business day. For merchants who pay by check, banks typically take 5 or more business days to clear a check. Our standard terms require LinkShare’s merchants to pay by the end of the calendar month once the invoice is posted. For example, we require most merchants to pay commissions earned during April (invoiced in early May) by May 31st.

    Direct Deposit
    Once you receive and cash your first physical check from us, you will have the option of signing up for direct deposit. Once your first physical check clears, you'll see an option in the Payment Information section of your profile where you can sign up for direct deposit. Once you enter your banking information, we'll issue 2 random deposits to your account which can take several business days to post. Once they post, you need to come back to the Payment Information area of your profile to enter and verify the amounts. Once verified, you are enabled for direct deposit. Right now, direct deposit is only available for US based affiliates but we're working to develop it for international affiliates as well.

    Payment Reports
    There are 2 payment reports available to you in SynergyAnalytics, our new reporting system which is accessed via the SynergyAnalytics link in the upper left hand corner of your LinkShare Home page. Once in SynergyAnalytics, you can access your payment reports by going to the upper left hand box within the Network Transaction Analysis tab. The reports are:

    Affiliate Payment Summary Report: This provides the detail for each consolidated payment issued by LinkShare. By drilling down into each month and specific payment batch, you can see which merchants, invoice periods and dollar amounts are included in each payment. Select the check number to see the merchant detail behind each payment.

    Merchant Payment History Report: This report reflects if and when LinkShare has received payment from a merchant for a specific invoice period, beginning with the March invoice period. “Received” means the merchant’s payment was received and the funds have cleared. We wait until the funds clear so we can be assured of distributing the funds to you.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if I can clarify further.


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    is it from all merchants...or certain ones participate on this mode?

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    Almost all of their merchants participate.

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