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    newbie question on link structure
    I'm a newbie to cj but have a question re link structure for cj. I signed up and was approved for an affiliate program with cj and the link they have me is structured to have a link plus a tracking pixel. Is the tracking pixel required? In other works, I just want to create a bunch of links to use as I wish and put them under text or banners. Is this allowed and posisble? If so, what is the correct structure to be used. Thanks.

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    The pixel is just to track hits so it's not necessary, unless you want to see how many times that page/link is shown. Some people use them but I don't bother with them.
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    Just be really careful when you remove them, I've seen some unhappy affiliates who have incorrectly removed their pixel tracking and ruined all of their tracking. A simple click test should give you your answers.

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    I usually leave one tracking pixel on each web page.

    That gives you useful info about how many impressions you've had in the CJ reports. It also keeps some vendors from thinking you may be generating sales by parasitic or other improper means -- it looks suspicious if you don't show any page impressions yet still have sales.
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