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    Email software recommendations

    We are seeking an email application or online service that allows us manage and communicate with our existing and future members. Also to provide monthly newsletter. HTML would be nice

    Yes, I have seen this post:

    We DO NOT promote SPAM and it is not intended to be used for unsolicited marketing campaigns.

    Links or recommendations greatly appreciated.

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    We've been round the block looking for the right email mailing list solution, and eventually we found it in Highly recommended - they do everything right, and so get the best possible deliverability and open rates.
    Rob Palmer

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    I've been using dadamail (used to be mojomail) forever now, works for me, perhaps it's not everyone's choice. It does offer double opt-in (and out I think)
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    I'm in the process of evaluating Campaign Monitor ( and really like their approach compared to other hosted services.

    Their cost is $.01 per email and have a clear/easy to use interface. I especially like the fact that they have an API to send subscribe/unsubscribe requests automatically from your website. I'm looking at incorporating this into a new website using DotNetNuke, which means I'll be writing my first module to use their API... not sure how successful this will be as I'm not a programmer by trade.

    I'd at least give them a look for cost alone. The last company I used wouldn't think about discounting their prices until you had over 250k emails per campaign and their reporting was confusing with redundant reports labeled differently and showing slightly different results.



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    Do you get Internet Retailer magazine? (crap, my copy is at home and i'm in the office right now.)

    Anyhow, latest issue runs down the top internet retailers and for each one profiled, it shows their choices for aff management, hosting, ecommerce, stats, etc - it also shows their email management software / firm. This would be a good list to look through for the large, compliant emailing packages and companies I think.

    I went to find it online... here's the current issue:

    It shows categories of merchants - one example is apparel:
    Scroll down on this page and, for each merchant there, you'll see the summary bar (looks like a vertical banner ad) that shows their platforms of choice - for example, uses CheetahMail, Land's End uses Responsys, and so on.

    Won't be the cheapie packages and firms listed here, but I'd bet, it's a list of clean (relatively speaking) players in email arena.

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    Hi Zingo ... 1 word "Dada" at
    Ray Thomas
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    Excellent feedback thanks!

    Especially like the list from Internet Retailer, thanks Donuts! Will need to take some time to absorb!

    AWeber still at the top of our list - something clean and manageable!

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    I like Dada too
    Dada is the best email management program I've ever seen and easy to install. This kid Justin is pretty sharp.

    It doesn't offer anything in the way of managing results of campaigns, deliverability, etc, but it is very good at the basics and quite flexible.

    I love it.

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    Did you find an email solution? I posted about PC iMail 2006 in the thread you referenced, but it was long after the time that you read it... so I'll post here as well.

    I recommend that you take a look at PC iMail 2006 ( It was designed specifically for the purpose you described - communicating with legitimate registered users, but doing so in a personal way by delivering each message individually to each user (thus avoiding a long Cc list, or an impersonal Bcc address). It allows you to insert mail merge fields so that each message contains each recipient's first and last name.

    A couple recently added features include a built-in html editor so that you can create html messages, and the ability to configure a time delay in between message delivery to comply with restrictions many ISPs place on the amount of email that can be sent in a given time period.

    I am the author of this program, so please feel free to direct any questions to me directly using rick (@) I've also created an article title "How To Send a mail merge press release or newsletter without Outlook or Word" at that I think you'll find useful.

    Best regards,

    Rick Palmer | President | ProSoft Apps
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    Author of PC iMail 2006 -

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    I use they are great and affordable

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    I agree, aweber is a good one. Another mailing solution you might want to check out is ResponseBooster ( It's very similar to aweber, except it's free. At least sending emails is free for sure, and then you pay if you want to use its voice blast feature. It seems to be very good in terms of deliverability too.


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    Another vote for Aweber. I've tried many different services and scripts, Aweber has my vote. And for one great reason - impressive deliverability rates. No point signing up for a service if your messages are getting blocked. Their feature set is also at par with other services.

    My two cents.

    ~ Bina.

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    How many emails you need to send?I know couple of PHP stand alone scripts that can handle 1000's of email in a blink.
    One of them SendStudio 2004. Google it and check it out.
    Another one DirectMailer v 1.6 by YellSoft.

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