Howdy all,

I hope some of you can help me with this question:

Id like to give you guys some info about programs that my network has in Europe and the US, ones which have good commission rates, datafeeds, etc...but Im not entirely sure if i am allowed to do that here. Do i need my own forum for that? Im not very experienced on this website, i only have experience when it comes to working on the UK forums, but it may be entirely different in the US.

I know that Neil has promoted Plazan, but is that different as he is representing the merchant and not the network?

I simply want to do a good job, and dont want to break the rules before Ive begun. I got back from the ad:tech in New York recently and met some wonderful people (including Haiko de Poel Junior ), so now I have had the chance to settle back into work and really wanna start getting heavily into providing you guys with some great programmes!!!

I know that some networks can get bad press occassionally, and i am prepared for that. But i know that im not a bullshitter, in that sense Neil and me are quite similar (isnt that right Mr Scotland? ).

I've had a chance to study this forum and now i want to get cracking, Im itching to get going. So I promise you all now I will not do a runner if things start getting tough and you guys need answers
Ill always get back to you as soon as I am able to, thats a promise. And always honestly too. If there's a problem with the network then I will say so, and not cover things up. But of course I will also sing its praises when it is doing great!!!

So, hope some of you can help me, Im assuming Haiko would probably be the obvious guy to clarify things.

Looking forward to helping you guys out in any way i can.

Speak soon