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    SAHS trying to get back in
    Here they come back trying to get in, good thing I manually approve affiliates.

    Here's their Site Description: Premier shopping mall that gives members cash back for purchases made through the program. Coming from Web's best source for FREE catalogs and magazines and more!

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Good to know you watch these things carefully.
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    In their lust to get SAHS infested upon as many systems as possible the Belarco Group even turned a blind eye to backdooring systems with distributors using worms & trojans.

    SAHS was a common install monitizing the IM rootkit/virus bundlers that threatens to infect every system with an active IM application open within seconds. No click necessary to instantly make you puter into a Zombie at the beck and call of cybercriminals.

    Researchers Say Automated IM Worm Is Inevitable
    By Ryan Naraine
    October 31, 2005
    The sudden appearance of a rootkit file in a spyware-laden IM worm attack has set off new fears that malicious hackers are sophisticated enough to launch a fully automated worm attack against all instant messaging networks.

    In the most recent attack aimed at users of America Online Inc.'s AIM network, the "lockx.exe" rootkit file was bundled with a new variant of the W32/Sdbot Trojan to create a nasty mix of hidden malware. ....,1895,1880026,00.asp
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    Did anyone have SAHS in their program?

    If so have your numbers been higher or lower since they left?

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    if something's artificially high and you remove the fake prop, it will appear lower to those who believed and supported and caused the artificial high.

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    the 'and more' will getcha every time........
    Following everyone else is a GREAT way to become average.

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