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    Roamans purchases and tracking overwritten by customer service?
    Before I start, let me state that I don't know very much about affiliate marketing, and am aware that I may be misreading what I see.

    I am an affiliate for Roamans. I recently placed an order from Roamans. When I received my shipping confirmation email, the email was from which I don't know if they own Roamans or if they are outsourced by Roamans.

    The shipping confirmation email was filled with a lot of links to the Roamans website, and they all included a unique affiliate ID. (online.asp?affiliate_id=xxx)

    The Performics/Roamans agreement promises a 30 day commission duration. If someone places an order through my affiliate link, then they click the affiliate link in their order confirmation email, are they overwriting my affiliate ID so that I no longer get a commission during that 30 day period, and it goes to them instead?

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    Explanation of affiliate_id parameter

    Redcats USA is a catalog and e-Commerce company that owns Roamans, Chadwicks and many other specialty retail entities. They have a centralized system for order managment which is why you received an email from them instead of from

    You have nothing to fear with respect to receiving the commission associated with the order you mentioned in your post. The affiliate_id parameter you saw is an internal tracking reference that they use to track activity across various marketing campaigns (affiliate, search, paid media, etc.). It is a direct link to their site and therefore will not interfere with the Performics cookie that is used to track your commissions.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if there is anything else you are curious about. New to Performics, or just to ABW?

    Larry Adams
    Product Manager

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