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    Ok I notice on my accounts and clickthroughts that when I signed up for the other countries and changed the info in my file that my clickthroughs dropped for my US amazon. When I went and looked at my pages that were getting clickthroughs (thanks to a SE script) that from my perspective that only uk and ca were reprensentitive of my site even though it is primarily a us site. I think the problem is that if I were a visitor clicking through I would see this "buy from amazon button" and see "buy from uk" and "buy from ca" under that button and choose not to click through as it would appear to be a little confusing and only representing the uk and ca site even though my site is primarily us. So at this point I changed everything back to us only. I would like to see a more devining line between countries thus maybe under the amazon search box in a highly visible location (preferable left column above the fold) you could select countries and the script would prominetly indicate that this is a us amazon site...or the main country you are marketing from. I have seen this in other scripts. Is this possible? There are a few scripts that do this but in many respects your script is superior and it would be nice to see this feature included.

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    You can install AE twice on your server. One configured for results and the other configured for results. See docs.

    Then in the USA templates manually add something like "UK shopper? Click here" and make it go to your UK installation. Similarly, in the UK templates manually add something like "USA shopper? Click here" and make it go to your USA installation.

    AE does not provide search results for the other amazon's (e.g.: So you could also manually add "Canadian shopper? Click here" and make it to to's home page (with your associate ID). Do the same for any other amazon's you're an affiliate of (e.g.:

    In the store templates, there is no quick way to include some common HTML (e.g.: "UK shopper? Click here") to the sidebar; you have to edit each store template. There is a quick way to include common HTML before/after the results section; define configuration variable store.include.results.before or store.include.results.after ---- In a future version of the store templates, I'll add store.include.sidebar.before and store.include.sidebar.after so you can include common HTML before/after the sidebar.

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