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    Dumb Ebay question
    I'm curious if anyone has done a study on this:

    After you send a visitor to Ebay through you affiliate link, what actions could the visiter do *within the Ebay site* to possibly overwrite or eliminate your cookie?

    For example,

    1. I send a visitor to EBay to view a specific item. They then do a search of their own using the search box at upper right.

    2. I send visitor to Ebay auctions and they jump over to Ebay stores or visa versa.

    3. I send a visitor to Ebay and they then click on one of the category links and then drill down to an item.

    I can take the time to perform these (and similar) tests, but before I spend the time, I wanted to first check and see if anyone else has done similar tests.

    What it boils down to is the question "Are there ways in which Ebay nullifies your commission or ACRU by considering their own site features to take priority over your having driven the traffic there to begin with?"

    Yeah, I know... I'm cynical, suspicious, and paranoid. With CJ and Ebay you have to be...
    EPN - Cautiously, but paranoically, optimistic.

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    I don't think any of the situations listed above would change the cookie and make you lose commission. Don't take my word for it. Ask Ebay.

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    In the past, I've checked your scenario #1 and #3, and my eBay cookie remained intact and tracked properly under those conditions. I can't say for certain if this is still the case, however. I haven't checked since the new terms were rolled out.

    It's my understanding that nothing on the eBay site itself will change your cookie, unless an unscrupulous seller stuffs a cookie from loading their auction, which I believe is against eBay's TOS.

    These might be good things to check on again, since there has been an admittance on eBay's part that there's a tracking problem on their end. Might explain some of the strange behavior lately.


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