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    Event Date vs. Posting Date
    I had a sale come through that I was running a PPC campaign for. The event date and the posting date were the same date. Normally this is fine but in this instance I stopped running the PPC campaign a week before the sale came. SO, the event date should have been a week or so earlier than the posting date.

    Can someone tell me why or how this could be or is there no way to tell when the first click happened?

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    There is actually another piece of information that you have left out: Click Date.

    You ran the campaign a week ago, but the cookie could be for 30 days. So, the surfer just bought something for today.

    You can prove this to yourself by running the same report, but then downloading it into excel. Here you will see a "click date" column, and the click date will be for a date that will make sense to you.

    Event Date: When Sale is Made or Taken Away
    Posting Date: When Sale is Posted
    Click date: When User actually clicked and got cookied.

    Make Sense?

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    Batch merchant?

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    I will check the downloadable excel file. I think I was getting the click date confused with the event date. I thought the event date was the click date and actually didn't know there was a click date field. I'll check tomorrow and let everyone know

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    THanks kea12345678 ... the click date did occur on the 6th when I was running my ppc! i did not realize there was more info in the excel files than on the report tab.

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