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    Tax Form Question
    Hello -

    I just registered with Commission Junction and they sent me a W-8 form to complete.

    HOWEVER, I am a U.S. citizen living in Canada as a permanent resident of Canada. I am not a Canadian citizen, just married to one. =)

    From what I can tell, I should not complete the W-8 form, cuz it says at the top of the form that U.S. citizens should not complete the form. However, if I complete a W-9, will I need to report any income I make on my US Tax Return?

    Of course, Commission Junction has basically refused to answer my question due to "legal reasons".

    Is there anyone else who is a US citizen living in another country that can tell me which form to complete and how to go about this?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    if you used your ss# to setup the account it will be thing to do is contact the IRS...they have a pretty user friendly interface online.

    either way if there is not a piece of paper on file that say hithold tax, or don't withhold you will not get paid.

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