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    Adsense Site Targeting
    Google now has on all Adsense accounts, subscribed by default, the option for potential advertisers to target their ads to your site by providing a link on the ads themselves.

    For myself, I am pretty upset about this. Not only will most people not realize this is turned on by default, but Google is trying to compete w/ me for my own in-house advertisers. Anyone who offers their own CPM or flat rate advertising options on their site stands to lose revenue by having to share a % w/ google when you'd normally get 100%. Advertisers can also miss out on whatever benefits you provide with your in-house options. So really, the only party to win in this situation is Google.

    The only way I'd consider turning this back on is if I got a finder's fee for bringing business to Google, got a greater percentage of the revenue, have the ability to subscribe on a site by site basis, and have the option to customize the landing page to each of my sites.

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    Thank you for pointing that out. I hadn't even noticed. You are absolutely right, if people are bidding for my site then they might as well pay me directly.

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    I've opted out, just gonna enjoy hearing all the whining before I even think about it.

    Very good points, CP - it's a lead generation program with no compensation, and not even any perks. Besides, it could divert traffic that's potential shoppers. If someone's out to buy shoes and we have a page about shoes, if they're a sock merchant instead of buying our shoes or clicking on Adsense targeted for shoes, they'll click for info on signing up for their sock company. Lost sale, no Adsense click - lead generated for Google.

    Nope - no tickee, no laundry.

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