Subject: Clickbank Affiliate Identity Theft.

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I filed an online Complaint about Clickbank with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau in Idaho on Tuesday Nov. 15 2005. On Nov. 16 2005 I also filed a Criminal Complaint online with the Local Police in Boise ID against Ms Eileen L. Barber (ID), President of Keynetics Inc., owner of Click Sales Inc ( 915 W Jefferson St Boise ID 83702 USA. The text of this complaint is also sent to many Affiliate Internet Forums and to a large number of Online News Agencies and Newspapers.

Online criminal complaint filed at the Local Police in Boise (ID):

I would like to file a complaint against Boise Citizin Ms Eileen L. Barber, President of Keynetics Inc., owner of Click Sales Inc ( 915 W Jefferson St Boise ID 83702 USA. Her company Clickbank has stolen and is stealing money from me and many other affiliates by allowing Internet Thieves to replace my - and other affiliate ID's with their Own Clickbank Affiliate Id's. The fact that Clickbank willingly and knowingly allows Thieves to become Clickbank affiliates is a criminal act. Below you'll find much more info in the form of a News tip submitted by me to many News Agencies in The USA. Thank you very much. Dick Detering.

The Text of the complaint, sent to the other entities, is as follows:

I am an Affiliate of So my business is e-commerce (selling products online for several Merchants and receiving commissions for sales originating from my websites). From one day to another all my commissions stopped. Complaining with Clickbank only produced standard replies stating that they are doing much to prevent commissions from being stolen. It's sure that I'm the victim of identity theft. Also called affiliate id hijacking/ affiliate username hijack/ cookie stuffing. For more info pls see and for pure technical info see As you can see in the Last URL, the real thiefs are and other "ID Hijack" companies. Then why this complaint against Well if Clickbank makes only a few changes in the way they track affiliate commissions (see, then the problem will soon be over all over the internet, because for sure all the other big Affiliate Marketing Companies will follow the biggest of all: Clickbank. Thousands of affiliates are complaining, but so far nobody thought of filing an official complaint with the FTC, the BBB and the Police. That's why, if the FTC and/or the BBB and/or the Police do something about this huge Internet Fraud, it would be sensational news. Clickbank is closing its eyes for the crimes deliberately: They earn a lot of money from the Merchants and it simply doesn't interest them who receives the commissions: the thieves or the genuine affiliates. And NOT reporting a crime plus even paying the thiefs knowing that they are thieves, is also a crime, isn't it? So Clickbank is willingly and knowingly committing crimes for more than 3 years now! That's my complaint against Clickbank. If the crime can be supported by enough proof, then CB will have to pay millions and millions of dollars to all those affiliates who lost so many commissions due to CB's refusal to take appropriate actions. Click Sales Inc. is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc. in Idaho. The President of Keynetics is Ms Eileen Barber. Here is the proof that I'm telling the TRUTH: search in Google for: commission theft clickbank and you'll get more than 70,000 websites about this subject! Ask other affiliates and my statement will be confirmed. Type the same or related searches in any Search Engine and you'll see similar results. ETC. Below you'll find the Last of many emails I sent to Clickbank and their Last response:

My Last email:

Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 01:16:50 -0800 (PST)
From: "Dick Detering" <>
Subject: Problem


Sorry Clickbank to approach you again with this annoying subject. I have more visitors to my "Click Bank sites" than ever before (appr. 500 per day) and since I have so many visitors there are no more sales!! This proves that some one is STEALING from me. Any other cause should be excluded. Note: all my cloak hoplinks are tested and all of them are set up 100% correctly!!
Please visit and for more info on this SCANDAL.
The ONLY SOLUTION is for Clickbank to alter their "last-affiliate-cookie-set-gets-commission" policy sightly so if a previous affiliate cookie has been set within the last say 5 minutes, it won't be overwritten by the Spyware the customer has on his/her computer (The Thieves like

Dick Detering, Email

Last response:

Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 14:35:05 -0700
From: "" <>
To: "Dick Detering" <>
Subject: Re: Security

Hello Dick,

Our system has been designed to credit the last affiliate that drove the customer to the website. We feel that this allows the most recent link used to receive the credit that they deserve. We are constantly evaluating our system to make sure that it is fair
and accurate. We feel that as it stands, our tracking system and referral process is taking care of both of these concerns. We take all feedback from our clients into consideration, so I thank you for sending me your concerns. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Best Regards,
ClickBank Customer Support

My current reaction/opinion:

All Clickbank responses have the same content: they are doing nothing wrong while they KNOW that everything IS going wrong! So I gave up trying to convince CB to alter their "last-affiliate-cookie-set-gets-commission" policy sightly so if a previous affiliate cookie has been set within the last say 5 minutes, it won't be overwritten by the Spyware the customer has on his/her computer (The Thieves like Complaints with the appropriate entities and news submissions etc are the last option I have. My goal is certainly NOT to destroy CB's reputation. My only Goal is to destroy the criminals victimizing so many affiliates all over the world and to RESTORE CB's reputation by forcing them to really protect their good affiliates against their criminal affiliates like (Zango Search Assistant) etc, because CB's image has already been effected very negatively during the last 6 months and it's getting worse and worse. But of course I can't do this ALONE. Therefore I ask all victimized affiliates to help me somehow. Please email me so that together we can bring this to a good end.

Thank you very much!
Dick Detering.