This is Andrew, the affiliate manager at JeGem.com. Just like to let you know that for this holiday season, beginning Nov 18 to Dec 31, we are offerring a whopping 25% - $30% commission, with 30 day return cookies to Abestweb members! You can sign up for our program thru CJ.com.

The 3 month EPC of JeGem's Affiliate program is ranked within the TOP 5 out of the 36 jewelry merchants in CJ (that is with our old commission structure). With the new "extremely high" commission structure, I think we will have a shot at making it to the top.

If you refer at least $500 of sales during this December, please contact me at the beginning of Jan 2006, and I will set you up with the same "extremely high" commission structure for the entire 2006!

We have added many new flashy banners, and also discount Coupons into our CJ account. You can also get our product Datafeed Url by emailing me at affiliate@jegem.com

Have a super prosperous holiday season

Warmest regards,

Andrew Su
JeGem.com Affiliate Manager