Hi Guys,

Here is the latest JeGem.com Product Data Feed. Jewelry is going to be really hot for the next several weeks!


- JeGem.com's 3 Month EPC is ranked in the TOP 5 out of 36 Jewelry Merchants in CJ (that was with our old commision rate). With our new commission rate, I think we have a shot at making to the top

- We have increased our commission rate to a whopping 25% - 30%, with 30 day return cookie, for this holidays season (Nov 18 - Dec 31). If you refer more than $500 of sales before Dec 31, please email me in Jan 2006, I will then keep you in the same "extremely high" commision rate for the entire 2006.

You can join our program thru CJ.com.

Have a prospereous holiday season

JeGem.com Affiliate Manager