Read this today and thought maybe any of us who could would like to do this to give this baby the gift of sight...

Amish family reaches out to 'outsiders'

There's an Amish baby who needs help, and there could be a quilt in it for you.

Three-month-old Jake Schwartz Jr. was born with his eyelids fused, which is probably even less pleasant than it sounds. His vision is fine, but his eyes open only a slit. Doctors worry that unless the lids get repaired soon, his brain will decide his vision isn't worth bothering with.
The operation will cost $8,000, Gordon says, and in the absence of insurance, the hospital needs cash up front. Since the Schwartzes are less than wealthy -- Jake Sr., 20, drives his buggy an hour to build wooden pallets for a living -- she came to them with an idea: They could raffle off a quilt.

Nah, said the Schwartzes, who are related to a family Gordon employs. "They didn't know about the Internet and things like that to spread the word," she explains, or grasp the attraction of a queen-sized quilt in the winner's choice of colors, hand-made by Anna Schwartz and her sisters.

Gordon talked them into it and set the price of tickets at $5, because "I didn't want to hit my friends up for a lot of money." Feel free to pay more than that, or buy multiples.

Send checks, not cash, to Jake Jr. Amish Quilt Raffle, 424 Little Lake Drive No. 7, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.