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    Questions about what to charge for program maintanence
    I have been asked to create and manage a new affiliate program for a potential new client. Although I am familiar with running an affiliate program, I am unsure what/how to charge. This client would like to pay a one-time project fee. However, as a freelancer, I have only charged on an hourly basis.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed? I am figuring I can dedicate about 10 hours a week to the project. It will include setting up a new program (most likely with Shareasale - which I am new to also...have only really dealt with Linkshare till now), creating banners, text links and communicating with affiliates, recruiting new affiliates, as well as payment/approval processing, etc.

    The company is a small-med size company that is an online-only retailer of consumer products.

    ANY advice would be deeply appreciated.

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    This thread may be of some help: Tho' your situation is really a bit different. May want to look around the Outsourced AMs prices too...


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    >>>charge a one-time project fee<<

    Methinks the merchant needs educating. They want to pay a one-shot to get set up and everything after that is on autopilot?

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    Unfortunately merchants wanting a program without doing any work is all to common.

    You should charge a monthly rate which will include a specific number of hours. So you might charge $500 per month for 20 hours of work on running their program.
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