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    Texas Sues Sony Over Alleged CD Spyware
    "Sony has engaged in a technological version of cloak and dagger deceit against consumers by hiding secret files on their computers,"

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    With the rootkit fiasco, something like this was bound to happen.

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    Take off eh?
    Be interesting to see if any other locales do this as well.
    Been pretty big news in both the US and Canada and a lot of people are not impressed.
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    The gov't has largely stood on the sidelines and watched internet fraud prosper and things like adware and spyware and rootkits grow to be so commonplace that even fortune 500 companies use them without shame. The Internet is a multi-billion dollar, key component of our economy and the FTC lets so many obvious things go on. Spammers are still spamming. The number of fraudulent sites and phoney surveys and pretend giveaways (with impossible fulfillment construing false advertising that the FTC is supposed to police) is astronomical and growing. Illegal gambling sites are everywhere - last night 60 Minutes showed how they are now so brazen and unafraid that they advertise their illegal sites way out in the open. Identity theft online is a super fast growing crime. The bad guys are all getting rich while the citizens are all being victimized. Some estimates say that in excess on 85% of PCs in the US contain spyware. The federal gov't has been squabbling over spyware legislation for years and years without any real progress. Our courts are filled with aged fruit who don't respect website owner's natural rights and don't even begin to understand how many consumer's are duped daily as these judges toil away with outdated, uninformed notions of how technology businesses operate.

    Somebody, and I mean somebody at the federal / national level, needs to step up and start protecting people from all this garbage and to ensure there's information privacy controls in place.

    We had a drug czar created a while back. We created a department of homeland security. We need a department created... a cabinet position created... to start the process of cleaing up the online landscape. The new wild west, the Internet, needs an Internet Sheriff - one with a pair of loaded 6 shooters, a hangman and a myriad of eager deputies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by popdawg
    Be interesting to see if any other locales do this as well.
    Been pretty big news in both the US and Canada and a lot of people are not impressed.
    Yeah, I heard it on the radio yesterday, I couldn't believe my ears when Sony was mentioned and the hidden downloads from its CDs...I wonder if the 'suit' in Marketing that approved this is going to get canned....I sure hope so!
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    I'd imagine Texas is only the first in what will no doubt soon be a long line.

    Our conservative leaders have been slow to react to this type of activity, as the big money businesses doing this are their base. Let the average American and the little guy drop dead.

    We have all seen how ineffective CAN SPAM has been, and I think it's going to take something with some real meat to put a stop to it.

    Personally, I'm glad to see some of the big players take some heat for their dirty deeds.


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    Its a case to get headlines.

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    It's more then a media case. It's forming into a lunch mob demanding protection of citizens computers from the antics of Corp America and the legions of Adwhores gone wild. Rootkits -Trojans/worms -Adware/Spyware and surfing habit monitoring are tricks of the advertising industry trade. Rogue Affiliates are right in the middle of this seeking easy money from those monitizing bad actors and their clandestine tools. Read the legal lips of the players going after Sony adopting the common tools of the affiliate industry..... "Texas suit, and another by the EFF, allege Sony BMG installed spyware through its CDs.
    November 21, 2005
    The state of Texas sued Sony BMG Music Entertainment on Monday for allegedly installing spyware through its copyright protection software on music CDS, making it the first state to bring legal action against the music giant in the month-old controversy. This is the third lawsuit that Sony faces over the issue, but the first action brought by a government agency.

    Separately, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works on protecting digital rights, also filed suit against the music company on Monday. A class-action suit was filed by consumers in California last week.

    The Texas lawsuit alleges New York-based Sony BMG violated a recently passed Texas law, the Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act of 2005, that protects consumers from hidden spyware. The state’s attorney general’s office is seeking civil penalties of $100,000 for each violation of the law, attorneys’ fees, and investigative costs.

    “Sony has engaged in a technological version of cloak-and-dagger deceit against consumers by hiding secret files on their computers,” said Greg Abbott, attorney general for Texas. “Consumers who purchased a Sony CD thought they were buying music. Instead, they received spyware that can damage a computer, subject it to viruses, and expose the consumer to possible identity crime.”

    The EFF alleged Sony has “failed entirely” to respond to concerns not just about its XCP software but also another antipiracy tool, MediaMax, that the company uses. EFF has said that MediaMax affects over 20 million CDs—10 times the number of CDs that carry the XCP software......

    Now were off to Google MediaMax while the networks go check on the distribution and re-infestation plots of their BHO perveyors & scumbag affiliates.
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    Will be interesting to see if they're let off with a slap to the wrist. And if so will other purveyors of 'nasties' use a similar defense.
    With US consumer mfg. pretty much gone, and good tech. jobs being outsourced overseas, maybe US govt. and industry should team up to become a world leader in safe-internet usage. Or not.

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    I really wouldn't be surprised if a slap on the wrist is all they get Simcat. Sadly

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