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    Merchant can turn product on & off?
    Hi All,
    I'm new here and a first-time CB merchant, with a new eBook and new sales site. Have a few CB questions:
    1. Is there a problem if i set my one and only product back to $0.00 for some quick site testing? Like an hour? and then reset it to the current price?

    2. Is it sufficient protection for affiliates (from commission theft) if my merchant ID is invisible on my site (using DownloadGuard).

    3. Besides high commissions, what can i do on my site to be "affiliate friendly"?
    So far, i'm:
    A. Not showling an affiliate link back to CB for new affiliates to sign up.
    B. Will be split testing sales page to try to optimize conversions.

    Thanks All!

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    CB is great for download type products (ebooks, software etc.) but the problem for CB affiliates selling your products is people who get to the site, close their browser and return using their own CB id if they want to buy.

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    Thanks for the response Dollardaze.

    Guess there is nothing a merchant can do about that.

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