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    Logged in but very low sales
    No sales after 10 PST , I never had this much low sales within last 2 months.

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    Ditto here - My EPC has been tanking this week.

    Funny how this is happening right during the holiday rush.

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    Typical for a day so near a US holiday like Thanksgiving (or any US holiday generally celebrated with a lot of cooking). It'll probably be *stone* dead on Thanksgiving (Thursday), and on Fri when the buyers go to the physical stores for the black-Friday sales they think are so good (har har, the REAL stellar deals at physical stores are on Christmas Eve! 'Course, by then, if an item's sold out, it's just tough luck!).

    Just wait until next week, after people get back from the malls this weekend, with fresh memories of why shopping at brick-n-mortars sucks...
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    Thanksgiving is usually a pretty good sales day for some things.

    Friends and family seeing each other for the first time in quite a while, the "what do you want for Christmas", the "where did you get that?", etc.

    "Oh, Mabel, I just love that jacket! Where did you get it? I simply must get one of those!"

    "I got it at! Let's get on the computer and I'll show you!"

    "Oh well we're at it, Danny boy was asking for a Roger Clemens jersey for Christmas. I should order one now before I forget"

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