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    MSN Adcenter Beta - needs work!
    Anyone else using the new (by invitation only) MSN Ad Center Beta?

    They have a long, long way to go!

    +They ask for feedback, but hell if I can find a feedback link.
    +They don't de-dupe keyword lists you import - instead, it kicks back a nasty excel spreadsheet and you have to manually go through your long lists and de-dupe (they consider "pepsi or coke" and "coke or pepsi" as a duplicate - so you can imagine de-duping large keyword lists are a major pain).
    +To import keywords, there's CSV/XLS import - it's clunky - and there's no cut and paste box (like in Adwords where you can paste 1,000+ words into the add keywords dialog box). You have to add words one at a time or use the CSV/XLS option.
    +The first few days I tried to set up an order, the site locked up and sked me to come back later... took days to set up one campaign.
    +It has the slow clunky feel of Overture. And each keyword has it's own description / ad (like Overture/Yahoo, not like AdWords).
    +Financing is via orders... you tell if how much you want to spend and place an order - it isn't open ended like Google.
    +There are lots of steps that are confusing... like as you build a campaign, and on step 3 you try to import keywords via excel and it warns you that since you haven't saved the campaign (which comes in final step 5), running off to import will lose your work until then. This is just stupid.
    +When line 2 of the add exceeds 70 chars, just get a pop warning... how about adding a tool that shows the count and allows you to edit! I had to go to word, paste, edit, use wordcount tool, cut, return to msn and paste - for the folks who build Word (and office tools like it), this is also just plain stupid.
    +They charge you a $5 setup fee, but you do all the work. If this is a credit card verify step, they should give you $5 credit towards ads.
    +Manual review and approve process on their end... the waiting begins...

    And a 100 other things that are really poorly planned... like a bad version of the old Overture... this needs a lot of work before it's functional and easy to use.

    Yeah, it's a beta I know, but a bad one. I was hoping for something that would be easy to use like AdWords, but it looks like a cheap version of the old Overture... which is sad. If there's no technology improvement, this means there's just more and more time for advertisers at more inefficient locations that we pay for... we need SPEED and EASE!!!

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    and their bid / cost estimation tool...

    "This tool will provide general estimates of ad position and cost for your keywords based on last month’s traffic. These estimates will help you plan keyword bids but note that actual ad position and cost will vary"

    C'mon... a search done by a consumer pulls ads ordered and displays them instantly... show us live data for position, not an estimated position and cost based on last month's data...

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    Free MSn adCenter Newsletter
    Within the next 48 hours we'll launch our newsletter for adCenter beta testers - stay tuned...

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    adCenter Newsletter Launched
    We've just launched a weekly newsletter for adCenter users. Each issue will cover one marketing topic (e.g. keyword research secrets) and one adCenter-feature topic (e.g. using Parameters to personalize ads).

    Sign up by going to, or by sending a blank email to


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