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    Exclamation SAHS Attack... here we go
    Well it was going to happen and it has, SAHS are now contacting all CJ merchants outside of CJ to try and set up contracts to work with them directly, they have also been targeted DirectTrack Merchants too.......

    My other thoughts...


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    If merchants are interested in growing their sales via affiliates, they'd choose to ditch all these apps like SAHS that offer rebates to customers once they're proceeding to checkout. Forgetting the theft from actual promting affiliates and from the merchants themselves, this ain't marketing. An app that waits to poach for buyers on a merchant's site doesn't bring new customers, it just takes the credit for those who are there ALREADY.

    So Chris is pointing out that SAHS will go tell their lies to these merchants about how many sales they can produce when they can only "post" sales by cheating, not by driving and earning them.

    And CJ kicked them out for a reason! If you decide to work with them outside of CJ, your current promoting affiliates will be stolen from, and their ROI will tank and they will leave you.

    A parasite that sucks the blood out of the host needs to be ditched before it poisons your legitimate advertisers and your program's reputation.

    Sucking leeches got kicked out of CJ, this move to find new ways to suck blood is expected. The parasite will continue looking for ways to suck the life out of your programs. And with Q4 in full swing, the levels they will go to to convince merchants of their value is without limit. Working directly with the leech means they will suck your affs dry faster and steal from your own inhouse marketing efforts more effectively as well.

    Chris, very glad to see you pouring a little salt of the SAHS leech!!!

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    The Belarco Group is so entrenched in the Adwhore culture they figure they can do anything with their clients customer lists and online sales info without regards to any business ethics. Kiting sales from online merchants is a natural progression for them as they fuel the direct marketing industry with mail -phone and e-mail scraped lists. Do they also run those LiveHelp cherry pickin applications?
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