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    Everyone Hates The Mall
    A few months back I had the term "everyone hates the mall" in my siggy. I took a little ribbing about that at the time and it made me think. I have to give it up to our friend Leader she made me think about it, With a little thought I have grown to appreciate the mall (almost) but not the same way that you may think.

    Last weekend I did something that most here could not do. I took a break from affiliate marketing for a whole weekend. I actually learned more about people by sitting back and watching. None of this was intentional it just kind of happened.

    I went down to Atlanta (without my laptop) for the Falcons game but since I was there a day early I decided to take a walk. I went down to Centenial park which was a block away from my hotel.

    The park was full of people looking at the Christmas lights. The kids had a glow in their eyes and everyone was happy. I said to myself I need a site for Christmas lights. I am always 24/7 affiliate marketing in mind lol. Then I thought I already have that site. Just shows I needed a break.

    As I walked through the park there was guy playing touch football with a bunch of kids. Watching him having fun as if he was a kid again put a smile on my face and made me think I need a site about sports. Then I thought oh wait I have one of them too.

    I walked over towards the new Atlanta Aquarium. There was kids outside wishing it was open and thought to myself wow I need a site about fish tanks. Then it dawned on me I have one already.

    Then I walked over to the ice skating rink, got myself a hot chocolate and sat there watching kids and adults ice skating and falling on their butt. I must of been there for an hour just watching reactions and it was nice and peaceful. By far the best part of the trip, I didnt realize I needed to stop thinking affiliate marketing for a bit but that didnt happen.

    I learned alot by people watching. Just like people do at the mall. I realized I dont have any winter jackets sites, winter hats etc. The list goes on and on.

    Just about every kid and parent seemed to have a cell phone. The guy I bought the hot chocolate from was on his as he got my order ready. Made me think I need a cell phone site oh wait I have one of them too.

    I still hate the mall but if you need a break you can take one and still learn about affiliate marketing from people watching. Here is the tough part the hotel had free high speed internet in the room and I didnt have my laptop. I had internet withdrawal then I said to myself that this weekend would be a learning experience and made believe I didnt even have a laptop at all. That made it better.

    Before the game I had breakfast in the CNN center, I was there way early so I did more people watching. There were lots of fans from both teams and that got me thinking that these fans need things. I wont elaborate because I am making that site as I write this.

    With everyone going crazy with their site because this is the busy season, actually they should of been done already. Give yourself a break and go to the mall and watch people hustle and bustle as they do their shopping you may learn a few things. I know just by watching people my pre-sell spin became 100% better. The trip away paid for itself 100 times over. The funny thing is my earning broke records while I was away. So give yourself a break the internet will be here tomorrow
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    Be careful not to register the domain IHateTheMall.Com since it can also read


    (This was nearly one of my brainstorm ideas once!)
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    Beautiful post, nyfalcon, and very inspiring. I'm almost thinking you might just be the Prince of Content.

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