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Thread: AMWSO Tools : Merchants with fast launch Sites.

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    Hi All

    Fast launch sites are a collection of easy to get rolling templates that are offered by many of the AMWSO merchants ranging in size from 10 pages down to one page full page ads. They can be launched as is with just the link change but for best effect should be modified to make them unique.

    In each case please contact the Lead Aff Manager of each merchant to get a copy.

    DriveWerks - LinkShare - Chris.Sanderson /at\
    Jobs in Sports - SAS / CJ - James /at\
    Good TimesEntertainment - LS - psurrey /at\
    Panda Software - CJ - jnardell /at\
    Emitations - SAS / DT - Arjaree /at\
    Mondera - LS - harry /at\
    Century Fitness - CJ - pui /at\
    My Century Gym - SAS - pui /at\
    Bill Bamís Collectibles - SAS - jamie /at\
    KegWorks - LS - Arjaree /at\


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