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    BestBuy tracking?????
    Does anyone know if the bestbuy orders are tracking correctly in befree? I didn't see any orders that were placed after 21st in reports yet.

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    I'm glad to hear somebody else is having problems with Best Buy. I haven't seen a sale since the 22nd and it reported as a $0.00 sale which is very odd. I was excited to see what kind of sales I made these past two days since my Best Buy clicks have tripled over the holiday weekend, but nada.

    I had a reversal post yesterday to my dismay. I've been seeing too many of those lately.. It seems all my best sales from October are being reversed this month. My sales volume this month is fairly decent, but my remaining commission is negligible so it's certainly a sad state of affairs with BestBuy. If not for their brand name I'd drop them like a rock. Brand or no brand I may still do so considering their poor service as a retailer and affiliate program.

    BestBuy is by far my worst merchant in terms of service and reversals.

    - Scott
    Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

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    Scott --

    The blast of the post from the past!

    OK - 14 months or so later -- any change w/ Best Buy?? Good, bad, or ugly?

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