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    Hey guys! I noticed that when you are working with 2 accounts at the same time that your PIDs can get switched around from one account to the other? At least it seems that way to me. This can suck something bigtime if you don't have the same merchants in both accounts. Any of you had this same experience?

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    Hey Don,

    That wouldn't surprise me. I have 1 account with 2 sites listed in CJ's system and that seems to screw things up enough. I would like to add another site or 2, but I'm afraid that will screw things up even more. It doesn't sound like creating a seperate account is going to solve the problem either.


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    Not at CJ, but sites in general are like that when it comes to having multiple accounts active on different screens at the same time.

    I've had the equivalent happen at other sites, although not at any networks.

    The sites would get all the info balled up into a knob but things would be okay once I logged off of everything and then logged back in with only one account open on my computer at once.

    Due to that experience with other sites, I used my Ounce of Prevention at CJ and have always made sure to log out of my CJ account and close those screens, before letting my mother onto this computer to w*rk in her account, and vice-versa.

    The info in the accounts has therefore stayed totally seperate.

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