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    Hello all,

    I have been lurking around this site reading all I can and learning quite abit. I have been working on an affiliate site for a few weeks and I would appreciate any feedback that you might want to offer. I know there is alot that I can do to improve but I would like some feedback from "the pros" ! Thank you!

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    The first thing you have to do is get visitors to the site. Then you can sell them something. I don't see anything that will make them visit. How do you plan to get traffic?
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    From your link partners page there is no clear navigation to return to home page...and clicking on your partner categories just reloads that page and does not go to anywhere. Basically you look like a link farm with no real value to visitors...get some content or make some kind of distinction from every other site with nothing but lists of deals.

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    I would use the same banner/logo width for each store. It will look neater. Some of them now is longer than the other.

    You may also want to change your page title to include some of your keywords. Right now, the title is not that useful for search engine.

    As other people said, the main thing is to get traffic. Put more time in researching how to get more traffic and that may affect how you design or build your site.

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    The banner on the far right should be moved to the left side since it's dangling out there alone. Plenty of room down yonder in the whitespace on the left.

    Left column - the word 'stores' is in red on a bright blue background making it hard to read.

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    fragarance is spelled fragrance

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    is that a 1 page site? you'll need at least a few hundred more pages, each page hopefully providing some value to those who visit

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