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    Overture - Displayed URLs

    I've just started using Overture as an alternative to Google Adwords. One of the first things I've noticed is that when creating an ad you don't seem to have a display URL option. So when I market a CJ advertiser's products the CJ link is displayed, e.g., instead of say

    Am I missing something or is this option not available.



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    It's getting harder for the PPCSE players to fake out shoppers into thinking their Ad is from a branded merchant. Only should be allowed to show their trademark domain URL in a one sentence sponsor Ad that sets a cookie. Traffic hijacking by deceptive means, with the sole purpose of setting a tracking cookie, should not be the end-all of affiliate marketing. What's so bad about your sites landing page that can't better focus and qualify the final cookie setting click through to the merchant?
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    What if an affiliate bids on closely guarded trademarks on behalf of What if a affiliate bids on the term "" on behalf of

    Why should Overture allow just any Joe to put them in the hot seat like that?

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    If you call your rep at Overture, they will get the display url changed to the landing page url.


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