Good morning all,

Quick note this morning - we'll be running the same competitive structure TODAY that we ran for Black Friday - now that today is CYBER MONDAY!! Last year was reportedly the biggest ONLINE shopping day (Monday following Thanksgiving in the US) and thus, has been termed "CYBER MONDAY" - and it's here!

Sell, sell, sell, to earn, earn, earn!

If you missed Friday's contest outline here it is again, but this time, for CYBER MONDAY:

To celebrate this VERY important retail sales day, we've got CASH PRIZES for the Affiliate who:

-Generates the MOST SALES TRANSACTIONS TODAY on Monday, November 28, 2005... ($100 CASH PRIZE!!!)
And for the affiliate who:

-Generates the BIGGEST SALES TRANSACTION (order value) on Monday, November 28, 2005... ($50 CASH PRIZE!!!)

Don't forget - our regular holiday bonus program is still in effect. That means regular bonuses are still going to be issued for EVERY SINGLE SALE made by EVERY SINGLE AFFILIATE between now and New Year's Eve!

See the Rugman Connection for details (P.S. - new issue to be released soon). So... what are you waiting for? Let's make the most of this holiday sales season together!

Please note that prizes as well as bonuses will be paid out as manual transactions, on your JANUARY paycheck as all orders are extended for 30 days to account for returns.

Thanks in advance to all who make the effort help us make the most of our big day this CYBER MONDAY!

Happy Holidays,