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    The Green Guide??? Affiliate Marketing and a good bleed?
    Today I saw this big giant ad for The Green Guide when I logged into the affiliate interface. Now I ain't no tree hugger but I thought well maybe they have something that I can add to my site.

    Their EPC was not bad..

    Oh it's a magazine subscription. OK... So I look around and almost everything around its pages is content from other sites. Then there's the the banner in the middle of the page that say shopping here is fast, easy and supports the Green Guide.

    I click

    It's all stinking affiliate links.

    So here's my wonderment before I would click the join up and feed you my customers.

    Do the links you provide take MY SHOPPER directly to your subscribe to the magazine landing page or does it bring them to shop your mall?

    If it's taking them to your homepage, then NO THANKS... YOUR SITE BLEEDS affiliates.

    It struck me funny that this type of site would almost be considered parasitic only because of the leakage.

    Geesh they even ask for donations.. just click and they have the cahones to ask for $1000.00 donations?

    "We seek to maintain the very highest research and reporting standards in order to offer you the most trustworthy, reliable and responsible information on the web or in print about the products to buy and personal choices to make that are better for your health and the environment. "

    You mean, pay the webmaster and article writers a salary?

    DO AFFILIATES GET 20% of the cough, Donations?

    This is weird.

    Am I barking up the wrong cut down forest?

    Poopie the Nubert
    Driving off into the sunset in his Fully Loaded Navigator looking for Yugos to run over.

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    Did you confront THEM about it?

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    Thanks for the heads-up, Poopster. Always appreciated, saves time hunting around unnecessarily.

    Running Adsense, too - leaderboard across the bottom sitewide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwc
    Did you confront THEM about it?
    Hardly sounds like that would be worth the time...
    Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try. -- Homer Simpson

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    Charlie is as GREEN as they get. This CHRISTMAS season he figures the Adwhores, Sports millionaires, pimps, Hollywood Stars and Sugar daddies need to combat Global Warming. Therefore EcomCity is supporting the ALL NATURAL limo riding liberal cause by not supporting 3rd world country apparel sweat shops. I'm therefore offering 50% discounts -free freight and 10 to 20% off coupons on all natural fur coats, hats and handbags. These are totally bio degradable and make a perfect gift for that special woman in your life.... who love saying... you shouldn't have!
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    that's off
    way off.

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