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    New "Financing Alternatives" Advertiser.
    Can anyone answer a question about the new Financing Alternatives advertisers on CJ?

    "The customer places an order and then makes three months worth of on-time payments prior to the shipment of their computer."....." After three months, we verify the customerís address then order and ship their brand new, name brand computer directly from the manufacturer"...

    "The customer receives their computer and then pays the balance on their account for the remaining nine months. After one year, the customer fully owns their computer. You get paid after the customer completes their purchase on our website"

    Does this mean I have to wait a year to get my commission?

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    If the customer has to wait three months for shipment of their order with these guys, it probably hardly matters anyway... I can't imagine alot of customers signing up for this.
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    They probably bank on a certain percentage of their takers to default, given that the people buying them are there for a reason; nobody will give them a line of credit, and they can't get enough money together to buy one outright. I'm sure the first three payments, if not all of them, aren't refundable in any circumstance, and you can bet that the sum of those first three probably cover the base cost of the computer.

    Quote Originally Posted by La_Valette
    If the customer has to wait three months for shipment of their order with these guys, it probably hardly matters anyway... I can't imagine alot of customers signing up for this.

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    From Financing Alternatives
    Hi everyone,

    This is Jennifer Gogets, from Financing Alternatives. I understand there is some confusion about how affiliates are paid from our program, and I'd like to explain a little more. First, sorry for any misunderstandings. Second, you are paid as soon as the customer completes the online application ... you DO NOT have to wait the three months, or a year, to get your commission.

    The reason there is a three month waiting period for customers is that we offer credit to anyone, without a credit or employment check. Once a customer makes three months of on-time payments to us, we consider them creditworthy, and send them their computer (or whichever product they have ordered).

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. I can be reached at 757-549-7830 x148 or at I can send you a copy of our Affiliate Sales Guide if you'd like ... that explains a lot more about our program. It is also available on our website.

    Jennifer Gogets
    Web Marketing Manager -

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