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    November 12th, 2005
    is this a real email or tinned meat ?
    I just recieved this email, I checked the domain it came from and it's all greek to me (well actually think it's in Russian but you know what I mean) normaly I'd just ignore it but it came from the feedback form on my site.

    This is the email, I've cut all the site names and adresses out, so I hope it's cool to post it. Is it just junk or a real offer to exchange links ?


    This is an enquiry e-mail via mywebsite from:
    their name their email adress
    Hi there

    I have been given the task of getting links for our websites that have good page rank on the links directories. In addition we have many categories so your site will be place on an appropriate page.

    If you would like to trade links please send me your website linking details.

    Our apologies if you do not wish to take part in a link exchange.

    Best Regards,

    their name


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    January 18th, 2005
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    Just because it came from your form, don't assume a person visited it. Many backlink firms (and I use the term loosely) are now scripting form submissions like this. In fact, I recently ran across a guy who sells just that service - a scripting tool and a database of site's with forms you can spam your requests to.

    They said they're looking for "good page rank on the links directories" - does your site have that? There's nothing in that email that looks personalized at all and no evidence they even saw your site to compare it's relevance.

    Personally, I'd delete that request in a second or two, but this is really just my opinion (which is admittedly very jaded).

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    November 12th, 2005
    Probably right Donughts, not gonna bother to reply and deleted it, it was just the form thing, but if there's robots going round doing this then it makes sense.

    As for the "good page rank on the links directories", the site in question has only being up four months (in its current incarnation) so I don't really think that it's got a very good page rank. In fact I've got sites that are practically blank pages with better rankings, although they do get less hits.

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    January 18th, 2005
    As a general rule, if you get an email with improper grammar or misspelled words, it is not legit.
    In addition we have many categories so your site will be place on an appropriate page.
    If someone who is legitimate had sent this, they would have at least proofed it before sending it.

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    Donuts is right,
    i also get them through my feedback form.
    its a big let down for them, as all the texts are the same.
    they dont even look real..
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    It's baloney. They really don't know your site, for one reason they talk about how your web site will be placed correctly on their site (a.k.a. covering the bases by saying they have different categories).

    For me, if someone wants a link exchange, I need to either know them, or their email needs to be very personal, demonstrating an intimate knowledge of one of my sites.



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