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    XSite Pro
    I've only built one website and I've learned everything not to do. Building it I've used Frontpage 2003 and notepad. One of the tools I have seen a lot of talk about is XSite Pro. I have read only good things about it, but want to make sure I do my research as thoroughly as possible. Does any one here have experience with it or know if it is any better than using FrontPage?

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    Just about anything is better than FrontPage for serious Website work. All you need is one little corrupted file and you may never talk to your pages again...

    The majority of Web shops and individual developers use DreamWeaver software. A distant second, but the one I personally use, is Adobe's GoLive.

    Not really certain of the numbers, but I believe these two probably make up 90% of what serious developers use. Everything else is in that other 10%. The latest versions help integrate PHP and MySQL (and other languages/tools) to aid in building dynamic sites. The [full] learning curve is steep, but the capabilities are pretty awesome.

    However, they are still not perfect. Unfortunately nothing is...
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    Stick with mastering Frontpage. Microsoft is the only Web Editing S/W company who also workings with the hosting side of 40 million web sites. Gates isn't about to lose this marketshare with a crap product.
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    Front Page is fine, but where you can run into problems is with not being able to freely use .htaccess on Apache servers for VERY necessary things sites need to do, since .htacess and FP Extensions aren't compatible.

    Plenty of seasoned, great webmasters use FP, but the trick is to just stay away from the proprietary stuff - use FTP to upload, use SSI or PHP Includes instead of the proprietary webbots - which relies on FP Extensions, which is where the problems lie.

    Use FP for an editor, but do all the rest of the stuff like "normal" webmasters do and you'll be fine. Also, learn the basics of HTML so you can jump in and fix code when you need to.

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    M$ Frontpage

    Dreamweaver and your favorite text editor


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    Quote Originally Posted by buy_online
    M$ Frontpage

    Dreamweaver and your favorite text editor


    What Fred Said

    You can pick up a full version of DW of less than $300 and well worth the time and dollars spent to learn it.
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