A recent thread has been brought to our attention and we wanted to respond to everyone involved.

At no time has pepperjamMANAGEMENT been engaged in the support of parasitic or unethical affiliate practices. As a leading affiliate management company, we must act on behalf of our client's wishes with regards to affiliate participation. While apparently many of the participants of ABestWeb are not proponents of well known affiliates such as Upromise or Ebates, these affiliates are featured publishers on Commission Junction, a platform that we do respect and support on many levels.

Since 1999, there has not been one single complaint made against any division of The Pepperjam Network regarding an accusation of unethical "cookie stuffing" practices. Any allegations of this kind were the result of recent conversion tracking analytical tests being performed on some of our affiliate division sites. We find any such allegations especially disturbing in that we hold the integrity of our company's affiliate practices to the absolute highest of standards. In fact, our CEO, Kristopher Jones, is considered by many a voice of advocacy for affiliates and the complex ethical issues involved in the affiliate marketing space.

Please understand that we are solely dedicated to building affiliate programs in an ethical manner. While we are huge supporters of free speech, we just wanted to clarify some of the facts. Thank you and Happy Holidays.