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    Opinions & thoughts please
    Hi everyone,
    Iíve been on the affiliate side of things for over five years now and have always done fairly well through CJ, LinkShare and with a few privately run programs; Iíve never done much with Shareasale.

    Iím now considering a move to the other side, where I would start an affiliate program for a site of mine that actually sells products that I have manufactured. I was hoping to get some opinions on using either Shareasale or running the program in house.

    From my previous readings about Shareasale, I get the feeling that most are happy with them. Does this hold true, that most are happy with the Shareasale program?

    How do you all feel about programs that are run in house; for instance a program run in house through the Miva merchant shopping cart system?

    My personal opinion as an affiliate has been that I prefer a third party such as Shareasale, CJ, or LS. Iíve always been a little worried about trusting smaller merchants that run their programs in house.

    How does everyone else feel about this? Would you all be more willing to join up with a small merchant that has a program through Shareasale or one that runs the program in house?

    As a final question for Brian or another mod, if I sign up with Shareasale is it free to post a message in the ďNew ProgramsĒ forum about my new program?

    Thanks for any feedback you all can provide.

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    SAS will bring you quality affiliates. In house programs have become more popular with the issues currently plaguing the major networks (not SAS) and many publishers are happy with in house programs. If sales are tracking and the conversions are solid, your in house program will do well. You can't go wrong with SAS, though and a lot of the hassle of running and growing your program is removed by joining forces with SAS.

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    I have seen continual good comments about ShareASale and my opinion is that the good comments come because of the trust level Brian has created. If SAS has a lack, it is a perception that there are few good merchants, and I think in this case good means name brand or big.

    It sounds as though you know what it's like to be an affiliate and it also sounds like you may have found a product that works online. If so, join SAS and contribute to the supply of good merchants. Make sure the account stays funded and you give the affiliates some product and descriptive information to work with. Refuse to have anything to do with parasites and their kind.

    Good luck!

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    I would always choose SAS over an in house program for a couple of reasons.

    One, with SAS I am more likely to know about the program.

    And, two, I KNOW I will get paid with SAS. Unfortunately, it is the habit of independents to stiff affiliates and to shave sales. They just aren't as trustworthy IMHO.
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    I would use an in-house affiliate program only with a large, well established company, e.g. Amazon, World Choice Travel (Travelocity). I would NOT use a new in-house program with a small company. There literally are too many scams "out there" to take a chance.

    There are too many good choices among the "known entities" to risk the time and effort involved and then find out we've been "had." With that said, my two-cents says to go with ShareASale.

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    When is the last time you've seen, either here or in any other forum, in relation to Shareasale, any post complaining about missing commissions, duplicate reversals, periods of tracking failure that are called "delays" but which remain devoid of sales activity once the "delays" are "caught up", cheating affililiates being glorified on the network's home page, etc, etc, etc.

    I've never seeen or heard of such a thing from Shareasale.

    Every time I've encountered any kind of problem with them, the root cause was on the merchant end. And every time there was such a problem, Shareasale handled the situation effectively without shelling out any PR spin or flat-out lies.

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