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    Discounts and product links
    One of my merchants that already sells very well decided to do discounts. A code and 10% off an X dollar purchase. But here is the problem, my site is made up of a dozen merchants and they are all product links. I don't know what to do, put the coupon code on the 1500 products from this merchant and hope my visitors realize that its just this one merchant not all the others represented on my site or do nothing or I don't know what. All my products are listed alphabetically by breed of dog, not by merchant.

    When you have product links how do you handle discount codes?


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    Maybe you could put the coupon code on the products from the merchant that it relates to with something like "buying this product entitles you to (whatever the offer is)" you could always put a *conditions apply note there as well if the offer is only for purchases over a certain amount... then send them to the merchant for more details - the visitor will then know that it only relates to those products... and in turn only relates to that one merchant when they wind up on the merchant's site. You then won't have to specify that it only relates to a particular merchant and your visitors won't get confused and think that the offer relates to all products and therefore all merchants.

    That's what I would do anyway
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    Is the coupon necessary to trigger the sale?
    The question of what to do with the coupon really should start with the question of whether or not a coupon is needed to cinch the sale. If it is not, then there is nothing wrong with you and the merchant sharing in the full price of the sale.

    I see nothing wrong whatsoever with merchants prospering from my affiliate relation. If the coupon or other discount is necessary to close the sale ... then, yes, you have to go through the brain damage of fitting it in your ads.

    Sadly, there is a large number of brain dead merchants out there who have a blank promo code box in the sales flow. When this is the case, you have to put the coupon in your ads ... otherwise the sale that you spent a great deal of time generating will be credited to whoever optimized for the term "merchant coupon."

    Personally, I think it is best for sites that are good at selling products to avoid coupon addicted merchants.

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