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    November 26th, 2005
    pop up traffic?
    Im interested in buying pop up traffic or pop under traffic.. Do you guys think this is effective?Or will i just have fake visitors?

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    Spend as much as you like and report back with your sales results.

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    Thanks.. will do.. Had a little research and some say that it still works.Compared to ppc which sometimes the people who click on your ads are also junk visitors too =(

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    No perfect solution
    I don't think there are any ad methods that are completely immune to junk traffic.

    Advertising's just a matter of measuring your ROI. If it's positive, ramp it up! If it's negative, kill it fast.

    Remember to keep testing and measuring your site to improve your conversion rate. Ad methods that were unprofitable before may become big moneymakers when you get optimized.

    But there's also complete crap out there that will never make you money... So watch those numbers.


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