I hate this. A merchant I am not promoting contacts me and offers a special deal to put them on one of my sites. They would be a good fit, I know of the merchant and hadn't realized they had a program since it is invite only.

So I spend a night thinking about it, checking them out, figuring ways to promote them - I am excited to get going with them.

I mail them back, figure it will take a day or two to get the info on signing up and linking.

Almost two weeks later I am still waiting, but I am not. Screw them, if this is how they treat me, it is not worth spending any time on them and I will just refuse them when they finally do get around to it.

This is not the first time a merchant has done this, I don't get it. I know it was more than just a mass mailing because they spoke specifically about someone I know in the industry and how they suggested me and talked specifics about my site.

Merchants if you email a potential affiliate Ė follow-up! Because now, not only do you still not have my site, you have pissed me off enough to make you the enemy and I will make sure to promote your competitors who treat me well. If you donít have time to follow-up, donít send the initial email until you do have time!