I have just received a recruiting email from this company "FusionQuest network" At the bottom of the email this bit was included
Why you are receiving this

It may have been a long while since you received any correspondence from FusionQuest, so let me explain why you are receiving this. At some time in the past, you joined an affiliate program that is part of the FusionQuest network. When you joined, you were presented with an option to not receive this type of correspondence. Since you are receiving this, it is safe to say you did not check the box to not receive such
I would recomend anybody thinking of joining them to think again because the email address they sent the email to is a new email address that I am using and I know for certain it was not in use when/if I ever contacted them. This tells me they are either email scrappers or they buy addresses from email scrappers.

Would you like to work or trust your comissions with a bunch of email scrappers?