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    Question Sales difference between Merchant and Tracking Software
    I currently have 4 merchants that I am reviewing on my affl. website. I have been lucky enough to talk one of my merchants (the highest paying) into placing an affiliate tracking script, from my tracking program, onto his "confirmation page" so that I can accurately track my PPC ads to sales.

    From the time period of Nov. 16-31, my tracking program "Adwatcher" has tracked 15 sales. My merchants affiliate sales tracking app. "MyReferrer" has tracked 13 sales. No big deal......a few sales off, no sweat.

    From the time period of Dec. 1-4, my tracking program has tracked 7 sales and my merchant has tracked only 2. I added yahoo ads to my arsenal on Nov. 31st, so this is the reason for my jump in sales and clicks. I have made the affiliate manager aware of this gap and am awaiting a response back tomorrow.

    My question is.........Have any of you more experienced marketers who use an off-site affiliate script to track sales, through your tracking program, experienced a similar gap in sales? I would like to know if this is common or if it may be an error on the merchants tracking software or mine.

    Any experiences are welcome.


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    While not exactly parallel, my experiences on the merchant-side (where I can see what's really going on) combined with your post has led me to believe that some tracking methods are simply all wet.

    Among other places, I promote GoodBulbs on Yahoo/Overture. They have a supposed "conversion tracker" code. How it works is the basic, stick-it-on-the-TY-page way. One line of code and if someone who came from their link hits the TY page, it considers that a conversion. (This DOES NOT interfere with commissions! Yahooverture gets no commissions and sets no SAS cookies!)

    Strangely, Oversure often records multiple "conversions" off of SINGLE events. It's really obvious to me that their stats are inflated since there usually aren't any other conversions coming in around that time. Sometimes they say 5, but my backend is telling me there's ONE new customer for that timeframe who made ONE order.

    Yet this problem never happens with SAS's tracking. One commish per sale...I haven't had any duplicates appear.

    So I figured Over was intentionally inflating their CR to make themselves look like a better investment (it's amazing what some companies think a new merchant won't notice...lots of places think their antics will be lost among the "boatload" of txns coming in, forgetting that a new merchant doesn't yet have a boatload of txns in fact it's more likely that the new merchant is sitting there hitting Refresh and watching everything through a microscope!!).

    But after reading your post, I think maybe some of these tracking softwares (the ones that don't have to record sale amount and other specifics, but basically just count hits to the thank-you page) are just plain old junk!
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    I just got an email back from the merchant in regards to the discrepancies noted above. Its seems that there was an actual error within the two days on his confirmation page and it was my adtracking program that was tracking the correct sales from my users.

    He immediately apologized and corrected the situation by crediting me the sales that were reported from my tracking system. It seemed to come out to $108, which I would have never caught unless I had the remote tracking setup on his confirmation page. I feel very relieved that I have such a tracking system posted on my merchants confirmation page.

    I can't express enough how much of a difference it makes when you are able to get a merchant to place this affl. tracking code on their confirmation page. This was a $100 mistake on the merchants part and who knows how many sales would have been lost without it in the future.

    I would never, EVER, think about using Google or Yahoo adtracking on my websites or affiliate sites. I recognize that their stats are skewed to say the least. I rely on professional adtracking applications that I can rely on and have a proven track record of accuracy. Adwatcher and Adtrackz are among the elite in my professional opinion.

    Kind Regards,

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