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    December 5th, 2005
    Beware of ewMerchant - do not use it!

    I am writing to you from my own experience with a card processor called ewmerchant - my advice is stay away from these guys - not even for tobacco transactions.

    ewmerchant has created losses of tens of thousands of dollars for us. They took our transaction details and cancelled many of the orders. They have also sent emails to our customers without even consulting with us.

    Please see below parts of an email that we got from ewmerchant's "lawyer" (a person that does not sign his name, and uses bad English):
    "I am a lawyer New York State License since 1992 and Law number 4G2
    Section 18 articule 12-17". "Ask your customers to call their bank and make a chargeback". "ewmerchant we do not care what you do".

    ewMerchant is currently not giving any service, but I am sure they will try to get back to business. Be careful...

    Mike Stein

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    December 23rd, 2005
    hi everyone,

    i am new to this forum i just found it browsing on the web....i think i can help you guys with your merchant account solutions...i work for U.S. Merchant Systems...i work alongside with for internet transactions and i can offer you all very low rates...usually around 2.30% and .25 transaction fee...there is a $10.00 monthly gateway fee for authnet and then a $10.00 statement fee every month..we have 24/7/365 customer support and a gurantee that says if you are not happy with our services after 90 days we will switch you back to your old processor with no cost to you we will cover everything...this is not some sales pitch i have worked for 4 different merchant providers and this is by far the best company i have seen as far as customer service and rates and all the written gurantees they throw at you...we also have an affilate program to where you get paid anywhere from $25 -$100 if you send someone to my i said this is no sales pitch but if anyone does not like there current processor or just wants to save money because they think they are being overcharged pm me or email me at [censored city] you can also check out our website at [See the ABW advertising options, if you don't want your ads neutered. And yes, this post was an ad...].
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