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    Celtic Jewelry Make-A-Page Error
    Not sure that this is the proper place. If not please direct me.

    Love the site but I am having problems with the "make a page" for one category of items. I can make a page that shows the merchandise but when I click on a particular item (all) I get linked to a page which says "no items in the category". I have several pages with several categories but this is the only one that is "misfiring". Is there a breakdown some place? I think that this worked in the past.
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    Hi Witzer,

    Richard the AM here. glad you like the site, we try and make it work for affiliates and visitors.

    Please drop me a note and outline which categories are not working. We have changed/added a few items and you might be hiting one that we have stoped carrying products for.

    You can reach me at


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    Thanks for the reply
    I assume that this was not the place to try to solve tech problems. I appologize and thank Richard for responding.

    I really do like the site.

    I was getting frustrated because after putting in hours of work, I was finding lots of product links that after a few weeks were not working. FYI these links are from another merchant and from another afiliate manager organization site.

    I am a newbie here and am STUMBLING my way through.
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