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    need advice on applying to cj merchants when have multiple sites
    I have several websites listed in my CJ account. My main site is very large and dedicated to one topic. I have smaller sites that are not related to that topic. I'd like to apply to some CJ merchants for my smaller sites, but I won't be running those ads on my main site. I'm concerned that any merchant I apply to will see my main site and assume I'll add the ads to that site. In the past, I've had affiliate managers contact me to try to help me integrate their ads in my main site, when I really didn't want them there since space is precious and I'm using it for other things.

    How is the best way to handle this? Should I sign up for a separate CJ account for the other sites, if that is allowed?

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    personally I would just sign up as normal and if there is an maybe the advertiser does not accept you, then contact them directly after the fact letting them know which domain you intend to use. If your allowed in to start, then your good to go as is.

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    "Should I sign up for a separate CJ account for the other sites?" No.
    It's easier to keep everything under the same account, with each website listed at CJ, you have a different PID, so you know from where the sales are coming.
    "I've had affiliate managers contact me to try to help me integrate their ads in my main site" Tell them to mind their own business. Integrate your ads where you want it.

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    It generally doesn't seem to hard to get approved for most merchants in CJ. I suspect as long as you have a decent looking site, that many look at the number of green bars more than anything if they are not set on auto approval. Everything in one account will keep things simple.

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    Best advice: Contact the AM directly. This'll save you time in the long run...Plus, they may even throw you a special offer or two for being proactive/if you commit to doing something specific for them...

    Always contact the AM if you're in doubt...My $0.02...This way you can also see how well managed the program is...If you have to wait more than 2 business days for a reply, it's not a resounding start...
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