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    Intro and YANQ (Yet another newbie question)
    Heya all

    I just registered after a couple days of surfing the forum as a guest. I have to say I am impressed with the community spirit here and what appears to be a good interaction between affiliates and merchants.

    I myself am an tutor, reasonably proficient techie type, and a new affiliate for a couple of merchants through SAS. I've have been hoping to find an answer to my question here in the posts. Sadly I have nad no joy finding anything difinitive so here comes the YANQ (Yet another newbie question)

    I was wondering, in regards to the links within banner code, Do I as an affiliate HAVE to use that code to display the banner and have it track properly? Can I save the banner to my own webserver and just set the target to
    I am asking because I use an ad server to manage and target my banners, text ads, etc etc, across multiple sites. In the past affiliate banner code "broke" because tracking was done by the image being downloaded and not by the target code. There is no sense in adding all these ads to the server if it's going to break the code and result in zero tracking/stats.

    Any help or links to posts I probably missed would be greatly appreciated. If I can offer any help as I am reading, I will certainly return the favor

    Thanks oodles

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    December 5th, 2005
    Hiya all!

    Just a quick update. After a bout of insomnia I hooked up with a partner who helped me test a few things and it does seem like taking just the target code from the banner code works fine. clicks track ok in SAS stats and the works from what I can see.

    I know it may have sounded like a dumb question to ask but with the way technology can be, ya just never know.

    In case anyone is interested in the ad server I am using, feel free to pm me and I'll send ya links to it. It is free and it is quite a powerful tool but is unfortunately not for the average user. Be prepared to do a lot of reading...

    Thanks to all who took a peek at the post. Until next time...


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