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    Unix has a sense of humor...
    I came across this by mistake...While i don't pretend to understand Unix, this made me laugh:

    UNIX offers several kinds hostilities:
    denial of service (type "~/bin" for an example)
    lack of compassion (type "?" into your favorite shell)
    Byzantine failure (type "ld ~/.cshrc" for example)
    corruption of language ("grep this file for...")

    .. but then, you knew this already. So in a more humorous vein,
    I present some tidbits from a local bboard. Excuse me if you've
    seen this before.

    Note that the '%' prompt indicates that the command should be issued from
    the C shell, and the '$' prompt indicates the Bourne shell.

    - ------------------------------------------------------

    % "How poorly would you rate the UNIX (so-called) user interface?
    Unmatched ".

    % rm congressional-ethics
    rm: congressional-ethics nonexistent

    % ar m God
    ar: God does not exist

    % [Where is Jimmy Hoffa?missing ].

    % ^How did the sex change^ operation go?
    Modifier failed.

    % If I had a ( for every $ Congress spent, what would I have?
    Too many ('s.

    % make love
    Make: Don't know how to make love. Stop.

    % sleep with me
    bad character

    % got a light?
    No match.

    % man: why did you get a divorce?
    man:: Too many arguments.

    % ^What is saccharine?
    bad substitute.

    % %blow
    %blow: No such job.

    % \(-
    (-: Command not found.

    % sh

    $ PATH=pretending! /usr/ucb/which sense
    no sense in pretending!

    $ drink <bottle; opener
    bottle: cannot open
    opener: not found

    $ mkdir matter; cat >matter
    matter: cannot create
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    Nice chuckle on a Tuesday morning (at least where I am).


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