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    Finding my site in the SE Jungle
    Before getting into this affiliate game, I created two sites for my service company and got them ranked in the top 3 for my field (it's a fairly small field so it wasn't that difficult)

    Now I have a new site that I'm working with. It's been visited by the MSN and Google bot according to my logs. Now I'm waiting for it to turn in in the searches.

    However, one thing I've never figured out is how to find my ranking in the search engines. If my sites didn't show up on the first 4 or 5 pages, then I gave up looking. I figured there has to be a better way.

    Is there some way for me to watch my site come up in the rankings? I just don't have the time to find it if it's number 4,393 in the rankings.


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    January 17th, 2005
    If you type 'MSN position checker' or 'Google position checker' into your favourite SE you'll easily find some tools to help you along. For any Google checkers that require an 'API key', you can apply for one free (last time I checked).

    If you're paranoid about giving out your site details to other web owners you can simply set the number of pages returned in the SE's to the max (100 for Google, 50 for MSN), and then just do a 'find' on each page for your domain name. You can breeze thru a thousand positions in no time.

    However, if you're actually sitting in position 4,393 in the rankings then you should be spending your time on other activities

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    Thanks Veemite. No 1 in MSN and zipp in Google. That I have trouble understanding?

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    Thanks! That made it easy.

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