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    ANOTHER newbie question

    im resurecting a site that i dismissed (right after the internet bubble burst) because i thought it was impossible to make money off the internet anymore (hence 10 dollars made in 1 year with 500-1000 unique visitors/day) .

    Coming across this site im learning that it would be a good idea to invest some money and time into recreating my website. Its a fishing website and my way of making money is going to be adsense and affiliate programs. However, my knowledge on affiliate programs is lost in the 1999 era of putting a banner on a website and collecting money when people click (or in most cases having merchants lie and NOT pay me money).

    seeing this website i am getting a new perspective of making online money, but, like i said, im lost in the 1999 era and dont know what affiliate marketing is today. My main question is, with the affiliate marketing do we put up adds for products that just redirect to say "" or another tackle dealer. Or do we have an online "store" with buy and cart buttons and everything and we just relay that information to the merchant giving the buyer the sense that he never left our site? if someone can explain this to me or post a link to a site that will explain this for me that'd be great!


    Anthony Z

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    Thats a question that can have a pretty broad range of answers as we all probably do it a little different.
    I personally have product links that redirect to the merchants site.
    If you are making a good fishing related site with say how-to's and such, I can see good potential for product endorsement and I caught a 22 lb bass on this lure for example. (Not being a fisherman, I am not sure what a good bass catch is but you get the picture.)

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    You could go both ways, have some great content and a shopping cart. It's always easier to convert traffic from a site that is already targetting monetized visitors versus visitors who are surfing to research and gather information.

    Of course, this IMHO...
    Susan Arts
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    Moxy Media

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    yes fishing is a great niche. and broad products also. not only can you sell lures and tackle, but boat parts, motor parts, truck parts, camping stuff, and whithin those categories are thousands upon thousands of things. the site does have good content. and with an addition of a forum and a few other ideas i have it should be a generally profitable site IF i do it correctly and can succeed over the competition which is plentiful (i had good yahoo and google placements in '99) . but i can imagine SE is a lot harder today but i love a challenge

    would you or someone else mind PM'ing there website(s) so i can take a look at how its done?


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    i dont think anyone will give you there sites,
    they are in the same trade,,, understand
    go to somewhere like shareasale or share results.
    join up as an affiliate, then look for merchants in you niche.
    ???? did i say niche or fiche= fish... sorry about the joke..
    so !!! once you have found a fish merchant no no no ,, niche merchant.
    join them progames and start reeling in the cash..
    also stay around here and catch.... ha ha Catch,, what you can from others,
    until you are hooked again..
    Find us at 12% commission
    Shareasale Merchant 7191
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    sounds like a plan neil. I did find some stuff on ShareASale. Not a whole lot, but enough. thanks for the response!

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    SEO your pages.

    Banners: don't get as many clickthroughs as text links do. But place text with link under a banner and you may get more CTs.

    Text links: Write good content pages, describe what to look for in "widget A" and then provide affiliate text links.

    Product pages: write a little bit about the company, i.e., return/order/U.S./international shipping, etc, offer coupon codes, text links to special sales or clearance areas. Feature a hot-selling item with an image on a separate page that's SEO'd.

    This is of course, a bit abbreviated, but hope it helps.
    Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. -Wizardress of Oz

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