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    Tax Documents For International Folks
    I note that CJ requires a W8 for international people. I'm curious as to whether CJ withholds taxes (30% I think) for people who file this form and don't have a US tax treaty with their country. Is this the case?

    (And wouldn't that be unfair if the publishers incurred expenses like website fees, etc. to generate their commissions? - the commissions are revenue, not pure profit.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by La_Valette
    I note that CJ requires a W8 for international people.
    I'm an international person and I've never sent them a W8 - whatever that is. I've only ever told networks or indies that I live in the UK, sometimes I give them my national Insurance number, but I've been told it'll probably never be followed up. I get paid monthly and have never had tax withheld.

    I'd suggest emailing them with - "I don't get this, I don't live in the US" - or similar

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