Hello Everyone,

Wanted to update you on this week's special offer! There has recently been a lot of press coverage on the Spanx Slim Cognio Range- these seamless slimming control products are the perfect product to promote as women everywhere begin to dread the thought of slipping into that slinky ball gown for the upcoming Holiday parties!

Please upload our Weekly Offer Creative immediately to take part. The weekly offer page is updated every Friday with new offers and deals and we don't want you to miss the opportunity to take part! This week in conjunction with our Spanx products we are promoting a free-entry prize draw for 10 signed copies of the new Trinny & Susannah book 'What you wear can change your life'.

I would also suggest uploading the Spanx creative as well because everyone is looking to buy these products right now and you should take advantage.

Please contact me with any problems or concerns.

Best Wishes,

Amanda Hayes
Affiliate Manager