I noticed a great redirrect idea when clicking on one of the affiliate
links from a Guru (LOL, I love this term).

Anyway, he uses META redirrect and adds some spice :

You know, when you click on a redirrect page there's a slight pause
between redirrection. That's because your page is displayed first
and then it redirrects. There would be no problem, but sometimes it
takes just a tad bit longer that one is willing to wait.

Also most people don't like being sold to and for that reason if you
managed to convince them in a mail that they will get a special
discount on your special page (yourdomain.com/specialpage), but are
then redirrected to just a normal page, they will just close the browser.

I know I do that as I know they didn't do it "just for me", but rather
everyone gets it and it was just a sales pitch.


Well, the Guru put a simple technique to play: He added the same background to his page as was in his redirrect page. That way as soon
as I clicked on that link, I saw a blue background and when it took a
while to load the redirrect page it didn't seem like I was being redirrected at
all. I wouldn't even check the URL if I didn't see the offer before.

Well, just thaught it might help someone...

Take care.